BOKO Photo

editorial photographer

Tall Order

Craft a brand campaign that is as creative and dynamic as the company’s photography


1. Logo Creation
2. Website Design 
3. Marketing Plan

Cinnamon's Recipe

We began with the most basic ingredients: black and white. With a distinctive name like "BOKO", we allowed the letterforms to give flavor to the logo. Next, we used the same basic blend in creating the website to reflect the work that that BOKO wanted to showcase. Organic patterns and shapes were used to reinforce BOKO’s unique style. Lastly, we added stark contrast and a touch of minimalism to keep photography at the forefront of the portfolio.

This truly homemade, one of a kind recipe gives BOKO Photo the perfect frame for it’s broad portfolio of splendid work. Not to mention the unique business cards, collateral and branded apparel that serve as the perfect sides.